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Direct engagement

With the Hour-A-Thon fundraiser it is a direct contact between the participant and their potential supporter, not an automated email in their inbox they never read.

why 2

Less time, more money

With the Hour-A-Thon fundraiser participants will only have to spend a few minutes collecting their cell phone numbers of potential supporters then an hour for the Hour-A-Thon event.

why 3

We keep it simple

Keep it simple is the idea behind Hour-A-Thon. With the Hour-A-Thon fundraiser you will not have to go to a website, register the participant, create a log in, upload a picture, and enter in email addresses. It will be a fun hour event that the entire team or group is involved in.

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Why 4

Raise as much as you want

There are no money goal images showing the potential donor how much your school or organization has already raised. During our research when a donor believes the team or group already has raised enough money they do not donate. With Hour-A-Thon the donor does not know how much the participant or the team/group has raised, therefore they will support them.

Fun. Easy. Everybody should do it.

– What the kids are saying.

Hour-A-Thon is the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever do!

– What the coaches are saying.

The Hour-A-Thon fundraiser is hands down the simplest and most effective fundraiser we’ve ever done.

– What the kids are saying.

It Works

You can get started today

Please submit your team or group information, primary contact information (coach, leader, booster club.) Then one of our fundraising team members will reach out to you to set up your Hour-A-Thon.

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