When a volleyball team is managing a fundraiser, the team could design custom brochures, sell multiple products, offer raffle tickets and join a volleyball tournament. The players can also plan a pizza party, and before guests attend the pizza party, the visitors may provide substantial donations. The teammates could also design a website that will promote the fundraiser, the players and the coaches, and the team should create a social media profile. Once a guest visits the website, the visitor can make a donation, examine upcoming events, post several comments and share multiple updates.


1. Selling Cupcakes and Baked Goods

If the players enjoy baking, the team could bake many types of cupcakes, and the players could advertise the cupcakes, find interested buyers and customize the designs of the cupcakes. The team could take multiple pictures that show custom cupcakes. Subsequently, the players may share these pictures on social media networks, and the sellers could indicate the prices of the cupcakes, the ingredients and the purpose of the fundraiser.

2. Managing a Raffle and Selling Tickets

The team may plan a raffle that will allow participants to win multiple prizes. The participants could purchase raffle tickets that will help the players to earn money, and the coach can place all of the tickets into a large container. During the event, a player could randomly remove five tickets from the box, and these participants will receive substantial rewards. 

According to multiple reports, a raffle can increase the profitability of a fundraiser by more than 80 percent. When our team managed a raffle, our team allowed participants to purchase an unlimited number of tickets, and if visitors bought a large amount of tickets, the guests considerably increased the likelihood of winning. However, the extra tickets will also improve the profitability of the fundraiser.

Before the event, the team should indicate the prices of the raffle tickets, the available prizes and the number of attendees. The team can also promote the event on social media networks, and multiple players should create posts that describe the location of the event, the duration of the event, the number of participants and the upcoming raffle.

3. Designing Custom Brochures and Receiving Many Donations

Our team has created many brochures that described fundraisers, and once the recipients reviewed the brochures, some people provided large donations. When a person reads a brochure, the donor can examine the history of the team, the accomplishments of many players and the team’s goals. The brochure may also feature pictures that show experienced players, a sizable volleyball court and previous events.

When the team customizes a brochure, the players could adjust the design of the pamphlet, modify the background, add the team’s logo and provide motivational quotes. The brochure can also feature contact information, and the brochure may indicate the payment methods, the benefits of large donations and the duration of the fundraiser.

The players should distribute these brochures to friends, and the participants may also give custom brochures to family members. Some recipients could share the pamphlets, and consequently, the brochures can substantially increase the profitability of the fundraiser.

4. Creating an Online Fundraiser

The team could establish an online fundraiser that will allow many people to make donations. The players may share links that will help friends to find the fundraiser, and the team could post these links on social media profiles. Typically, the team should also create a description that describes the purpose of the fundraiser, the goals of the team and the accomplishments of several players. Once a donor reads an informative article, the person could increase the size of the donation, or the reader may encourage friends to provide extra donations.

5. Catering a Local Event

The players could cater a local event, and when the company pays the caterers, they can donate most of the money to the fundraiser. If 15 teammates cater an event, each teammate should earn at least $50, and the team could receive $750 during the evening. Throughout the holiday season, many businesses frequently search for caterers who can provide excellent customer service. The friendly caterers may design the menus, manage the food, prepare the meals and serve the food.


6. Managing an Auction

The volleyball team may manage auctions that can considerably increase the profitability of the fundraiser. The players could sell custom products, many crafts or interesting memorabilia, and the participants can bid on these items. The team may also hire an auctioneer who will manage the event. The auctioneer can estimate the values of certain items, describe the bidding process and answer multiple questions. According to several reports, auctions may substantially increase the prices of many products, and if buyers would like to purchase custom memorabilia, the customers could quickly increase their bids.

The players can utilize a mobile application that will help the team to manage the auction. Once the customers access the efficient mobile application, the buyers could examine the initial prices of the products, the bidding process, the duration of the event and the benefits of the fundraiser. The mobile application will also allow bidders to make payments, and after the team sells a product, the bidder can quickly make the payment, determine the status of the transaction and receive the product.

Yard Sale

7. Examining the Benefits of a Yard Sale

If a volleyball team would like to raise money, the team can manage a yard sale that will allow players to sell many items. The sellers could provide substantial discounts, and the volleyball team may create custom signs that describe the yard sale, the available products and the team’s fundraiser. The players could also post classified advertisements that promote the upcoming yard sale. The advertisements can substantially increase the number of attendees, and some guests may encourage their friends to attend the yard sale.

8. Planning a Volleyball Game That Involves Multiple Teachers

The team could play a game against several teachers, and if visitors would like to watch the game, the visitors will pay a minimum fee of $15. Many students may also watch the interesting volleyball game, promote the game and predict the winning team. This game could help the team to earn thousands of dollars, and if the volleyball team wins, the school could offer a substantial prize, provide a custom trophy and promote the team’s fundraiser.

9. Participating in a Volleyball Tournament

The players can examine local tournaments that allow volleyball teams to compete, and when a team wins multiple games, the volleyball team could receive substantial prizes. The organizers may provide a lump sum, or the organization can offer several types of trophies.

If the players are unable to find local tournaments, the teammates could organize a volleyball tournament that will involve more than 10 teams. Each team can pay a substantial fee, and once the volleyball team receives extra funds, the team may plan new events, purchase cutting-edge equipment and schedule frequent practices.

10. Finding Donors Who Can Help the Team

The players can call friends who may provide large donations, and some teammates could also send messages to many friends. After the recipients examine the messages, some recipients can quickly make sizable donations. Multiple recipients may also encourage other donors to help the team. Once a person makes a donation, the volleyball team could provide memorabilia that features the team’s logo. Some donors may also offer recurring donations, and if the volleyball team utilizes an efficient payment processor, the group could accept credit cards, cash, money orders or debit cards.

Web Design

11. Designing a Website and Accepting Donations

When you are managing a fundraiser, you should design a website that will promote the volleyball team. The website could feature pictures that show many players, the volleyball court and the practice facility, and if the team has received trophies, the pictures may showcase the trophies, other awards and the certifications of the coaches. The website could also contain videos that show multiple games. Once visitors view the videos, the guests can watch interesting plays, or the teammates could create videos that describe the team’s accomplishments, upcoming games and the team’s fundraiser.

The website can feature articles that describe the fundraiser, the team’s goals and previous games. The site may also contain a contact form that will allow visitors to ask important questions.

Once a visitor browses the website, the guest could easily provide a donation. The website may feature a payment processor that can accept credit cards, debit cards or online checks. When a guest makes a donation, the visitor will receive an email that describes the status of the transaction, the amount of the donation and the payment method.

After a volleyball team designs a website, the team can advertise many types of memorabilia, or the website could sell products that feature the team’s logo. The players may sell custom volleyballs, shirts and interesting accessories. When a customer makes a purchase, the team can automatically allocate the money to the fundraiser.

12. Managing Social Media Profiles

The team could create social media pages that can help visitors to examine the team’s accomplishments. If a guest views a social media profile, the visitor could watch videos that show recent games, and the guests may also post new comments, ask multiple questions or share the videos.

The social media profiles should feature a link that will allow visitors to make donations. After a guest clicks the link, the visitor could determine the value of the donation, the purpose of the donation and the payment method. The guest may also provide recurring donations, and the visitor could cancel the recurring donations anytime. According to multiple reports, this strategy can quickly increase the profitability of a fundraiser, reduce the costs of a fundraiser and motivate the volleyball players.

Once visitors view the social media pages, the guests may share important updates, and visitors could share pictures, interesting videos or informative articles. When guests share relevant content, many visitors may view the profile, like certain pictures, create new comments or provide substantial donations.

The team can utilize a software program that will consistently evaluate the effectiveness of social media marketing. When the software program examines a social media profile, the system could indicate the number of followers, the popularity of the profile, the profitability of the strategy and the number of comments. The system may quickly review many comments, and the software program can identify keywords that are located within certain comments. Therefore, the software program will help the manager to examine the opinions of visitors. Moreover, the team could evaluate trends that may affect the volleyball team, the players, the donors and competing teams.

13. Selling Products Online

Many players may create classified advertisements that describe available products, and the advertisements might include multiple pictures, promotional videos and excellent testimonials. The advertisements should also indicate the prices of the products, yet if a customer purchases multiple products, the buyer could receive a substantial discount.

The team can utilize Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or other websites, and the players may update their listings, check the status of each listing and determine the popularity of the listings. The sellers could also examine listings that describe comparable products, and consequently, the players can estimate the values of the products, the overall demand and the preferences of buyers.

When a buyer is interested in a product, the customer can easily message the team, provide an offer and complete the transaction. Once the team sells multiple products, the team could determine the profitability of the transactions, purchase new equipment and schedule important events.

Car Wash

14. Providing a Car Wash

If you would like to raise funds, you could plan a car wash, and you may contact local businesses that will allow you to utilize large parking lots. Before the car wash, you could also create signs that describe the local car wash. During the event, the volleyball players can wash large trucks, compact cars, commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles. Once the participants wash a vehicle, the driver should pay at least $10, yet when the players wash a large automobile, the motorist could provide more than $20. Sometimes, the volleyball players might wash more than 200 vehicles, and consequently, the team could earn thousands of dollars in less than 24 hours.

15. Building an Obstacle Course

When a volleyball team is managing a fundraiser, the players may create a custom obstacle course that features many types of obstructions. If a person would like to complete the obstacle course, the individual can pay a minimum fee of $15, and some participants could also offer extra donations. The obstacle course may test your quickness, your motivation and your endurance, and once you complete multiple obstacle courses, you can substantially increase your agility, your endurance and your strength.

If the team finds 100 participants, the volleyball team will earn at least $1,500. The players can create advertisements that describe the obstacle course, and the players may post these advertisements on their social media profiles. Some participants might also post pictures that show the obstacle course, the participants and the volleyball players.

The team can create videos that showcase participants who are completing the obstacle course. The videos will help viewers to examine the difficulty of the obstacles, and the participants can effectively prepare for the obstacle course.

16. Receiving Multiple Sponsorships

Businesses may provide sponsorships that will considerably improve the profitability of the fundraiser. If a volleyball team promotes a business, the company could offer large donations, purchase several types of equipment and reduce the costs of multiple services. The business may create shirts that feature the company’s logo, several pictures and the name of the team. Usually, the team’s manager will sign a contract with the business, and the contract will describe the stipulations of the agreement, the value of the sponsorship and the expectations of the sponsor.

When the volleyball team manages a fundraiser, the business could also promote the fundraiser, and the company may encourage many customers to provide donations. Sometimes, the volleyball team could also purchase discounted products. Subsequently, the teammates may sell these products, and the profits will support the team, the coaches and the players.

If a coach is searching for sponsorships, the manager can contact multiple businesses, describe the popularity of the team and examine the financial benefits of the sponsorship. The coach may find companies that sell products that are related to volleyball, and these businesses can simultaneously support multiple teams.

17. Scheduling a Pizza Party

The players can order several types of pizzas, and some guests may prefer pizzas that contain pepperoni, fresh vegetables, sausage and onions. If guests would like to attend the pizza party, the visitors can pay a minimum fee of $20, yet some attendees may also provide larger donations. During the event, the guests could also play games, watch a movie or purchase raffle tickets, and the volleyball players can show videos that show recent games.

When 100 people attend the pizza party, the team will earn at least $2,000. The players may invite many friends, family members, coaches and multiple teachers. The volleyball team could also schedule similar events in the future, and attendees can share pictures that show multiple events. These photographs might encourage other people to attend future events, and the extra guests could increase the profitability of the fundraiser.


These are just a few of the our volleyball fundraising ideas you can use to help your team or school raise money fairly quickly. Be sure to also refer to our other article on high school sports fundraising ideas for additional options to choose from.

You can also reach out to us here at Hour-A-Thon and see how we can help your school or team raise money quickly.

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