In my thirteen years of coaching, I have never had a fundraiser with so much success than I have had with Hour-A-THon. I have tried candy, clothing lines etc. etc. and nothing has brought in the profits as this. The Hour-A-Thon brought my track and field program over $16,000 in ONE HOUR of work. The set-up is easy! The kids do All of the work, and most enjoy the actual exercise, and you get to utilize what the kids do best which is text!! I’ve seen many of my kids reconnect with family members and friends while just reaching out for support during this exercise. It’s very important for kids these days to learn how to talk and carry a conversation on a phone with someone they know or may not know. I like how my kids are out front talking about our Pearland Oiler track program and the excitement they share for the upcoming season. They take pride in it and this gives them a sense of ownership. I recommend this fundraiser to every coach I come into contact with!!
Coach Evans
Head Boys and Girls Track, Pearland High School
We used Hour-A-Thon for the first time this past season and it was our most successful fundraiser we've ever done in my 21 years here at Clear Creek Volleyball. We were able to raise over $20,000 through our very easy to do call out campaign, the Hour-A-Thon. I'd definitely recommend it to all coaches wanting to raise more funds for their program.
Coach Simonds
Head Volleyball Coach, Clear Creek HS
Hour-A-Thon is the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever do! If you’re looking for a total turn key fundraiser this is what you need! This fundraiser has been a huge benefit for us-fast, effective, and easy.
Coach Newton
Head Volleyball Coach, Burleson HS
We are a 3-year-old club with about 90 players. Last season, we were looking for a fundraising method that would be simple for our busy players but would raise money needed to do some great things for our club. We decided on the Hour-A-Thon hoping to raise about $10,000.

Once we started our Hour-A-Thon, the donations immediately began coming in. As the players were making contact, each time a donation was made we would call out their name and the amount donated. This excited our players and really fired them up to keep making those contacts since their efforts were already paying off! We also kept our families updated on our progress throughout the week and shared players and teams in the lead for the prizes sparking their competitive nature to do more.

Using Hour-A-Thon, we raised over $22,000 and received our check within 2 days of the conclusion of the fundraiser! We were able to purchase Hudl accounts and video equipment for each team to enhance their training and performance and aid our older players in their recruiting efforts. We are also in the process of purchasing new training and equipment that will benefit all of our players and staff this upcoming season.

Our parents and players were so thankful for the ease of this fundraiser. There was nothing to sell, no money to collect, and minimal time spent actually engaged in the fundraising effort. Parents also reported that their friends and family were happy to give this way and said the process to make the donation was simple. We will definitely continue to use the Hour-A-Thon as our primary method of fundraising from now on!
Virginia Anne Boone
Director Sporting Edge Volleyball
The Hour-A-Thon fundraiser is hands down the simplest and most effective fundraiser we’ve ever done. We were able to raise over $39,000 and it required very little effort from Boosters, Parents and Coaches. This fundraiser raised more than all of our combined fundraisers last season. As President of the Booster organization and as a parent of two boys in the program, I truly appreciate how simple the process was. We will definitely be doing this again next season. Thank you, Hour-A-Thon for such a successful event
Trisha LeCompte
President, El Toro Football Boosters