How It Works

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Please submit your team or group information, primary contact information (coach, leader, booster club.) Then one of our fundraising team members will reach out to you to set up your Hour-A-Thon.


Work directly with your fundraising support specialist who will instruct you on how to get the Hour-A-Thon fundraising instructions out to all the kids in your team or group.


Each kid will bring home their cell phone collection list. This list will be brought back to the Hour-A-Thon event. At the Hour-A-Thon which lasts only 1 hour the kids will text and call their potential donors asking for support for their group.


The potential supporters (friends, family, and colleagues in your address book) will receive the text message and phone call. If they decide to donate they will click the link in their text and donate directly from their phone on our secure donation site.


Track donations by participant with real time reports that will only be available to the team or group.