High school sports are a big part of the many extracurricular activities kids, and teenagers participate in. It’s become a source of much pride, more opportunity, and more fun. Even with all these positive aspects and improvements made over the years, high school sports aren’t as easy to fund as we would like them to be. With fewer resources than ever before, there are also fewer funds flowing into youth sports programs. It can make for problematic fundraising options for students who want to get involved in their sport or program this year but don’t know where to turn for help.

There are some excellent fundraising options that students can employ this year. One of the best is to host a fundraiser of some kind at the game or practice. It works exceptionally well when there’s a game that everyone wants to attend, so they buy tickets in advance during your charity fundraiser and use those tickets instead of paying for them at the door. Instead of selling tickets, you’re selling baked goods, drinks, or other fun items at your table during the event. You can even get an official sponsorship from a local business that gives you a percentage of their sales at the event and helps make it more successful.

Another excellent option for high school sports fundraisers is to ask local businesses for donations and sponsorships. You can meet with local companies directly, get their permission to use their name, and hang up posters at the game or other events. It will help you raise awareness of your fundraising effort and make new friends. It also lets you show off what you’ve managed to do and how successful your efforts were as a group.

Many schools have also adopted an online fundraising option available through Hour-A-Thon. It allows you to register for an account for free, choose your event type, and then use the form to tell others about your fundraiser. They’ll get a text or email with the information and can donate on their phone. It’s a convenient way to collect donations in just a few minutes and requires minimal effort.

High school sports fundraising ideas

1. Beanbag toss

While it’s not as fun for spectators, bean bag toss is a fun way for players to get their fundraising done on the same day. You can hold a tournament or a competition and give away prizes, or just rent some bags from your inventory (or from other stores you know that sell them) and have students compete against each other. The prize can even be food or drinks! It is a great way to fill up your team’s scorecard during the season and has added benefits for everyone.

There are even portable bean bag toss games available online that you can buy and use all over town. It means you can pack everything up in your trunk and transport the fun to any field you choose. It will make it easy for everyone to get involved and enjoy the event, especially if they’re a bit older and cannot attend as many games during the season.

2. Golf

Golf fundraisers are very similar to their bean bag equivalent. The difference is that golf is played on a miniature golf course instead of just a grassy area with some bags. You can find these miniature golf courses near lots of schools and will often have a few of them side by side. It makes it easy for students to participate and play a round before the game. It’s also an excellent way to get them involved in the sport and make friends with their teammates.

You can also rent clubs or clubs from your inventory during the fundraiser to give away as prizes or other incentives. You can even buy your mini golf course if you want, or you can use existing ones in your town that you know will work well.


3. Bake sales

Bake sales are a variation of the food fundraiser that’s been around for generations. It’s always been one of the most popular fundraising options for any event, and it’s easy to see why. Everyone loves food, so this is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to bring in money. You can sell anything from simple cookies and brownies to more complex cakes, pies, or pastries. It will let you raise money quickly and efficiently so that you can get more involved in your school day or other activities during your teen years.

You need to do several things in advance if you want to host a successful fundraiser at your table. First, you’ll have to have an essential supply of food. You’ll need various ingredients you’ll use, so it’s important to decide ahead of time what your fundraiser will be before you turn on the oven. Otherwise, it could be a disaster later on if your supplies run out or get mixed up. You may also need to prepare your table beforehand. If you want to put out your baked goods in advance, this will let people know that you’re going and make it easier for them to come by and pick up some treats before the game starts.

4. Tournaments

Tournaments are another big one to organize. Everyone loves a game they don’t have to play and some competition, so this is a great way to raise funds and make new friends. You’ll need to decide on the sport you want to play and how many players will be on the teams if there will be substitutes available for those who can’t make it. It is done at home or in a local park where you don’t need much room, and it’s easy for people to get together in advance. You’ll also need prizes for the winners and t-shirts or other promotional items that you can use as giveaways.

5. Talent show

Talent shows are another great way to raise funds and make new friends on the same evening. You’ll have to decide what kind of action you’d like and if it’s best suited for a school setting or other venue. Maybe you’re doing a hip-hop dance or singing country songs and want to use some props. Perhaps you’re an expert ice skater that can perform on rollerblades. Whichever it is, your talent will get people talking about your fundraiser for weeks afterward. Everyone loves talent shows because they’re fun to watch, but they always aim to make money more than anything else.

They’re also a great way to get people involved and show them how to fundraise as a group. It will make it easier for you to keep in touch with friends and see when they’re planning something fun. It will also help your team members raise more money, which is the ultimate goal of any fundraiser.


6. Raffles

Raffles are yet another popular one. Everyone loves a chance to win; this is an easy way to do that without spending a dime. You’ll need to decide what kind of raffle you want to host, whether for signatures or a certain number of tickets sold and then make up your prizes in advance. You’ll also need a ticket system, whether a ticket booth or simply handing out keys as people enter the room. Usually, raffles occur at events such as dances, banquets, or other significant functions.

Raffles are perfect for smaller schools that don’t have the funds to purchase big prizes like televisions and other expensive items. They’re also great if you want to raise money but aren’t very creative and don’t have an idea for a major fundraiser. It will allow you to do something fun and different without spending too much time or energy.

7. Telethons

A telethon is a long-running event that takes place over several days and does what the name suggests: people call in with donations for your cause. You’ll need to ensure enough people on hand to take the calls, track how much money is coming in, and receive gifts from those who are watching or listening from home or work. It can be an exhausting event and requires a lot of work, but it’s a fun challenge that can bring in money in the end.

Telethons are often best for small groups that still want to reach out to many people, such as high school students or people who want to reach their family or community. They’re also great if you don’t like standing out in public or asking for donations. It will involve other people so that you do not have to ask so much, showing them how easy fundraising is. It can be the first step toward building up your team and getting lots of people involved over time.

8. Theater or musical

A theater performance is usually a fun and exciting way to raise funds for your school. It will show people that you’re serious about raising money for your school since it goes on in the public eye and can be very visible. It’s also great if you don’t have the time to focus on fundraising but still want a big event instead of just putting up flyers with no idea what you’ll get out of it. You’ll need a lot of talent and enthusiasm and some willing participants. You can also use this to make friends with other students or teachers in your school and people outside of school who would like to get involved.

Dance Party

9. Dance

Dance is another fun way to get your students and parents involved in a fundraiser that’s more than just a big dance. You’ll need to organize the event ahead of time. However, you want. You can do it right in your classroom or other school building or outside in front of the school. Maybe you’ll even want to bring it to another location if it’s a little too cold out, and you can’t have everyone outside so close together. There are many possibilities, but whatever you choose will make for a big event for everyone who attends and raise some money for your school.

10. Hidden treasure hunt

A hidden treasure hunt is a fun way to get people involved in your fundraiser. It is something with an end goal, so it’s less about promoting your cause than about having fun and everyone getting together at the end for dinner or some other type of event. You’ll have to work out the details ahead of time, from the start time to how people can join into the end goal. You’ll also need prizes or other things that you can hand out along the way, depending on how many people you want to involve and how far apart they’ll be as they try to find what’s hidden inside various spots around town or school grounds.

It is a good one for getting people involved. It’s not something that will take months of planning or even weeks, but it’s something that you can pull together on short notice that will still bring in money for your cause. You can also do it with friends or a group of people.

11. Quiz bowl team

A quiz bowl team is a way to pull in money for your school without necessarily doing a huge fundraiser. You’ll need to decide on the type of trivia questions and how you will do them. You’ll also need volunteers to read the questions, give hints, and ensure everyone stays on track and doesn’t forget their answers. The rules are pretty much up to you, but it’s usually best to include some prize for the winning team or the tournament itself if it’s not about having fun. It’s an excellent way to get even more people involved and have lots of fun doing it.

12. Desks for Rainbow Week

Every school has at least one week during the year dedicated entirely to helping kids understand what it means to be gay, bisexual, or transgender. It is called Rainbow Week, and every school does things differently for it, but this will be a fundraiser for your school. You’ll need to decide what you want to do with your money, whether buying something in the week’s name or just making a donation on a particular day or throughout the week. You’ll also need to decide how many kids or teachers in your school will go. It can be a fun fundraiser for everyone involved and an excellent way to show that you care about the school community and students.

Food Truck

13. Food truck day

Food truck day is a great way to bring people into your school or other location. You’ll need to choose a time and place that makes sense for your fundraising event. It also can’t interfere with your school’s everyday activities and must allow enough time for people to get there. You’ll also want to decide if you want it open to the public, just your teachers and staff, or if you’re going to limit who can attend based on grade level or some other criteria. Then, once you have everything worked out in advance, you can schedule the food trucks and start promoting them so that everyone knows what they’re getting into ahead of time.

14. During tests

A test or quiz is always an annoying part of the school, but it can also be a way to make money for your school. You’ll need to decide how you’re going to get it started. Maybe you’ll hand out question lists ahead of time and leave them in certain places around your school. You may not want people running up to your teachers while they’re testing and asking them questions, so taking a more proactive approach will work better. You may even have the kids hand their test in at a designated place, which would eliminate the problem of trying to keep everyone quiet during the testing time but still allow the student to make money for their school.

15. Donation jar

A donation jar is what it sounds like. You’ll need help putting them together and ensuring they’re easy to get to and that people know where they can put their money. You may also want a flyer or other advertisement for the school attached so that people know what you will use the money for. In some cases, you might even want to take a few of these jars home with you so your family and friends can donate and know where their money is going.


Raising money for your school can be a lot of fun and a good cause. That’s the main thing to remember — these are all great ways to raise money for school sports, but it’s also about having fun and building a sense of community. Make sure you have plenty of fun at the same time as you raise all that money. Use some of these events at once or all during the year. It’s up to you and the rest of your fundraising committee, but it will be fun no matter what you choose. It’s about promoting the school in a fun way, getting people to care about what’s going on, and bringing those people together to make something happen that will benefit the entire community.

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