Football is not just an ordinary game for people. It’s more than just a game. It’s a way of life. This is why football fans and players can have a serious social impact on society. They can truly change things around them with motivation and unity. If you think of yourself as a true football fan, you must have heard that a lot of football players often have their individual foundations. These foundations are formed to help society with charities and fundraising programs.

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What Are The Top Ideas For Football Fundraising?

Here are some of the top ideas that can help you start fundraising activities. You can use football as a source of motivation to encourage people to give back to society.

1. Winner’s Pledge

The winner’s pledge is one of the most commonly utilized methods of football fundraising. This promotes a healthy sense of competition. Moreover, players and fans can participate without any issues. The idea behind this is extremely simple. You only have to encourage supporters and fans to contribute a specific amount of money if their team wins a game. This way, you can promote healthy competition and use this competition to fuel your fundraising activities.

So, how can you get people to donate money to your cause? You can encourage your supporters and fans to sign up for your winner’s pledge. Once they sign up for your winner’s pledge, you can start sending them weekly reminders and messages. This weekly reminder can include helpful tips about the upcoming competition.

In addition to this, you can keep reminding them about contributing money to your cause in case their team wins. Therefore, you should add your campaign link to this email. It will constantly remind them about the upcoming donation, and they will be more encouraged to contribute to your cause.

2. Novelty Football Match

You can encourage people to participate in your novelty football match. Corporations and other big companies continuously host sponsored events for charities and donations all over the world. Therefore, if you also want people to understand your cause and contribute to your campaign, you can host and sponsor a novelty football match.

This way, people can enjoy their favorite players on the field and a much-needed break from mundanity. A friendly novelty football match will also encourage them to give back to society. You

can engage the community around you and football fans by getting creative with a special football match.

You can also set a specific theme for your novelty football match. For instance, you can give new names to the teams, such as Star Trek and Harry Potter. It will also help entice a wider array of audiences to the stadium. It will allow you to get more people towards your cause.

Similarly, if you want to stay away from specific themes, you can add new rules to the game. For instance, you can sponsor a non-stop game or a small league competition in your local area. This will keep people entertained and hooked for a few days. You can give a small lecture at the end of every match and encourage people to contribute to your cause. If you can get small contributions at the end of every match, your small league will be successful in bringing in a large amount of money.

Football sponsor

3. Get A Commercial Sponsor

If you do not wish to invest a lot of money by yourself, you can also try getting a commercial sponsor for your football match. This means that you can try and get a sponsorship deal to host a novelty football match for people in your local area. Getting a sponsorship deal is among the most popular fundraising ideas for football. A lot of people and managers invest in this idea. It helps them minimize their personal expenditures while maximizing the number of donations.

You do not have to get worried or tense about getting international or big sponsors. Instead, you can get local businesses to sponsor your football match. Moreover, local sponsors will help bring in a wider array of audiences as local businesses are quite popular among residents. People will see a familiar face sponsoring their favorite football teams. It will encourage them to head over to the stadium and take a day off.

In addition to this, a sponsorship deal also helps local businesses. Businesses that agree to sponsor your football match can also set up their individual stalls in the stadium or offer promotional codes or discounts to the audiences. It is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

You also do not have to worry about paying a huge sum of cash to these local businesses for their sponsorship. Instead, you can promise them free access to audiences and free marketing. You can print their logo on your football match posters. You can also print their logos on your kit. You can also erect joint advertisement boards around the stadium and promote their business on your social media channels.

The basic idea here is that all the parties get something in return for the sponsorship deal. You can get your money, and the businesses can get higher exposure in front of potential audiences. This way, you can also encourage the local businesses to sponsor your cause on their social media channels. It will help with access to a wider array of audiences for your fundraising requirements. Networking is always a beneficial tool when it comes to raising money for a specific cause.

4. Football Themed Quiz

People love quizzes. People love quizzes more when you quiz them about their favorite interests and hobbies. This is why football fans or sports fanatics always love quizzes about their favorite teams or championship events. The reason behind this is that fans love showing off their love

towards their respective teams by participating in quiz events. It allows the fans to showcase their talents and knowledge about their favorite team.

You can host a weekly quiz tournament in a clubhouse or at a local bar. Moreover, you can invite hardcore football fans to this tournament and offer exciting rewards and prizes for the winners. You may have to use some money in the beginning. However, the final outcome will be worth it.

You will only have to book the local bar or the clubhouse for a small period of time. Similarly, you will also have to purchase three prizes for top winners. Other than that, you can charge the teams a participation fee for the quiz. You can keep this fee as part of your donation for your respective cause or as seed money for the quiz. At the end of every tournament, you can encourage your audiences to understand your cause and donate as much as they can.

If you want to save money on this, you can also partner up with a local pub. This way, the local pub can get a wider array of audiences, and you can enjoy more people for your cause. The local pub will benefit from these people as well.

You can send out a questionnaire to local fans and players requesting their available time. This will allow you to maximize your attendance and easy fundraising idea potential by getting their interest in a local quiz. You can also encourage fans who are parents to bring their kids to such quizzes so that their kids can also share the same love for the sport as their parents.


5. Host an Auction or Raffle

You can also host an auction ceremony for different items and products from club members. People always love to buy and cherish items used by their favorite football players. Internationally famous football players have successfully sold their personal belongings for millions of dollars and the best. However, if you cannot get access to internationally recognized football players, you can still get help from your local clubs and football players.

In addition to personal belongings or items, you can ask the local football players if they have any hidden skills up their sleeves. This way, you can hold an auction or raffle and generate interest among local audiences. If you do not know any local football players, you can also get local businesses to sponsor your auction. You can ask them for products or services that you can sell in your auction. In exchange for these products, you can promise them free advertising and promotion.

You can also get local players to show up at your auction and help you organize the ceremony. You can also auction off dates or dinners with local football players, and people will line up to have dinner with their favorite football player.

6. Screen Football Matches in Local Bars

If you want an excellent way to get people excited and engaged with your fundraising activities, screening football matches in a local bar is the right way to go. Football fans and audiences love watching their favorite players run around on the field on the big screen. It makes them feel alive. Moreover, who doesn’t love enjoying their favorite supports on a big screen?

You can partner up with a local pub and enjoy their big screen for an upcoming football

tournament or match. If your local pub does not have a big screen, you can hire a local event organization company to help you set up a big screen and projector for screening the next football tournament.

You can also host multiple events during the screening. This means that you can come up with fun and exciting games or quizzes to keep the audiences entertained through intervals and small breaks of the match. It will help keep the fans engaged with your screening.

In addition to this, you can also set an entrance fee for the big screening. You can use this money for your fundraising requirements. You can also distribute flyers and prints to encourage people to donate to your cause.

7. Sell Football Merchandise

One of the best fundraising ideas for football is to sell club merchandise to fans and audiences. We all understand that football fans love their teams and also love brandishing their respective colors. It shows their love and respect towards the team.

Moreover, it is also considered good moral support for the team. You must have seen hundreds of fans wearing scarves and jackets with their team colors on the items. Therefore, you can also sell club merchandise to raise funds for your cause.

You do not have to invest a lot of money in getting the right merchandise for your objectives. Instead, you can set up an online shop with the right items on display. This way, you can make new clothes and merchandise depending upon the requirements and demand from audiences. Modern e-commerce stores rely on this strategy and make new clothes depending upon the demands of the market.

You can get in touch with a good graphic designer who can help you set up a website and club merchandise with the right colors. You can start printing and making new clothes as you get more orders from the audience. You can also offer customized options with team logos and pictures of the players.

Football Stadium

8. Hire Out The Football Facilities

If your club is big enough to accommodate hundreds of people at the same time, you can start hiring out your facilities in return for money. You must have seen a lot of community centers in your local area. These community centers are owned by public or private entities.

However, these entities regularly hire out their facilities to local residents for different events. This way, they can earn a lot of money on the side when the community center is not in use. You can also do the same and earn money with your club facilities.

If you have a big club that can accommodate a lot of people, you can rent out your facilities to schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions for weekly or monthly events. You can get paid in exchange for hiring out your facilities, or you can ask for sponsorship and donations.

9. Grant Schemes

If you want to raise funds without investing a lot of money, a grant scheme is your best bet. However, you should understand that there is a lot of competition for such grant schemes. You can secure the right amount of funding for your football team with the help of a grant scheme.

You can search for local or national grant schemes available in your area. You should know that you will have a better shot at winning local schemes since there will be a lot of competition for national offers. You can also see if your team is eligible for disabled or minority funding schemes. So, you will only have to submit your team credentials and information to the authorities, and you will have better chances at scoring the grant scheme for yourself.

10. Invest Your Time in A Summer Gala

A summer gala is an ideal way to raise funds for your football team. Some managers or coordinators think that the traditional season is the only season available for fundraising opportunities. This is not true.

Even when the traditional football season is nearing its end or has already finished, you can still take advantage of multiple opportunities to raise a sufficient amount of funds for your football club. One of the best ways to raise sufficient funds for your football club is to invest your time and resources in a summer gala.

When the traditional football season is over, you can start a summer gala to throw small tournaments and matches for the locals. You can also invite local teams in the surrounding areas to participate in the summer gala. This will be a lot of teams will show up to showcase their talents, and you can have a full-fledged tournament at your hands.

You can set decent entrance fees for different teams, and you can use this money to raise funds for your football club. You can also distribute club merchandise or other items and set up a custom stand at the stadium. Moreover, you can also auction different prizes and items and seize the opportunity to engage with the audience.

Similarly, you can also encourage local businesses to sponsor your events in return for free promotion and marketing. Potential sponsors will perceive this as an opportunity to promote their products in front of a new set of audiences. It will help you entice big companies into sponsoring your event, and you will have more money than before.

Scratch Tickets

11. Scratch Cards

Scratch card fundraisers are fun and extremely profitable for raising funds for a football club. People love scratching and winning huge prizes. You can get customized and tailored scratch cards for your respective football team and share them with your fans and audiences.

You can have your team logo printed on the top, or you can get several scratch cards with different players on the front. You can order scratch cards in bulk and distribute them among the audiences. You will distribute the scratch cards with your fans, and they will scratch these cards in front of you. They will win several coupons, and you will share these coupons with them on the spot. The money that your fans use to buy the scratch cards will be donated to your team, and you can raise funds for your football club.

One of the best things about using scratch cards is that you can order in bulk and save up on big orders. In addition to this, you can also get customized coupons or scratch cards with your team logo on top. You can also get different local businesses to sponsor your scratch cards and share coupons with the audiences. This way, multiple parties will benefit from the same set of coupons, and your expenses will be significantly lower than usual.

Moreover, scratch cards are also easy to transport from one place to another. You can carry them in your pocket and share them with your fans in the stadium. You can also order them within a week, and you do not have to plan anything in advance. This will further reduce your maintenance or printing costs. You can make up to 80% or 100% profit with the scratch cards.

12. Pre-Game or Post-Game Parties

The camaraderie and support do not end in the stadium. Football fans like to get together after or before the event and share their love for their respective football teams. You can capitalize on this opportunity and host pre-game for post-game BBQ events or parties for your fans. Such parties will allow you to give everyone a platform together before and after the event and share their joy.

This is where you can charge a decent fee for entry and provide several amenities at the party at a low cost. You can also encourage your fans to dress up for the party and share different prizes with the winners. Moreover, you can set up different stalls for food and drinks at the party and charge your fans for additional facilities.

Your fans are going to get together anyway. It makes sense that you provide a platform so that they can share their joy and camaraderie for their favorite football team. It will give them an opportunity to stay together before and after the game. It will also give you the opportunity to capitalize on this and to raise funds for your football team.

13. Face Mask Fundraiser

Face masks are in demand nowadays, and everyone must have a face mask to go out in public. So, it is wise to capitalize on this opportunity and also help your fans stay safe. You can sell custom face masks with your team logo or pictures of players on top.

You do not have to take the burden of manufacturing and distributing these masks as hundreds of different companies will help you set up a distribution channel for a small fee. You can earn up to 50% profit with custom face masks and promote your team at the same time.

You can contact local companies for the manufacturing process for your face masks. In addition to this, if you want to take control into your own hands, you can set up a website and sell these face masks under club merchandise to your fans. You can also accept custom offers and requests from audiences and bulk order these masks for them.

You can have multiple face masks printed and distributed among your fans for a small fee. This way, your friends will have more than just traditional club merchandise, and they will also be able to stay safe while showcasing their love for their favorite football team. You can earn up to 50% profit with these face masks and use this money to raise funds for your club.

14. Scented and Eco-Friendly Candles

This idea may sound a little odd at first, but you can earn a lot of money with candle fundraiser programs. You can opt for eco-friendly scented candles for your fans and showcase them on your website under club merchandise.

There will be hundreds of fans who have to use candles on a daily basis. This way, they can enjoy their personal time with a scented candle, including their favorite team’s logo. If you want to take this to another level, you can also ask your customers and fans to send you their pictures. You can print these pictures with your team logo on top of scented candles. You can sell these candles in bulk or a pack of 12. If you decide to go with eco-friendly scented candles for the fundraiser, you can earn up to 50% profit for every sale.

15. Football Cards

We all had football or baseball cards as kids with our favorite team members and players on top. You can use these football cards to raise funds for your football club. There are several companies that offer bulk football cards with your team logo and player pictures on top of the cards. You can contact them and order bulk cards that you can pass around at the stadium.

You can also sell these cards in bulk to your audience. Moreover, you can come up with a game that entices the audience to gather a specific number of football cards for your club. This will enable you to sell more cards per game, and the fans will also remain entertained and engaged with your club.

Car Wash

16. Car Washing

A lot of amateur football clubs and teams invest their money and resources in car washing activities throughout the year. You can also hire professional car washers to host a local car washing event. People can drive to your event location and have their cars washed by professionals.

You can also encourage local businesses to join hands with your football club for the car washing event. It will ease your burden and minimize your expenses. You will be able to promote your football club in front of the audience and still earn a lot of money for your fundraising requirements.

17. Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags

The entire world has realized the negative impact of plastic shopping bags on the environment. This is why most metropolitan areas and shopping malls insist on using only environmentally-friendly shopping bags for customers. This is your golden opportunity to jump into this arena and offer customized eco-friendly shopping bags for your fans.

You can contact a local manufacturing company and ask them to create bulk orders for you. Moreover, you can also have these shopping bags customized according to your specific requirements. This means that you can print the picture of your team or logo on top of these shopping bags.

This will allow you to promote your team while simultaneously earning enough money for your

fundraising requirements. You can sell these customized bags to different shopping malls or local shops in your area. In addition to this, you can also set up these bags on your e-commerce website under club merchandise.

18. Discount Football Fundraising Cards

This may be a little outdated idea. However, discount card fundraisers can earn up to 80% profit for your fundraising requirements. These are lightweight and exciting cards that offer plenty of discounts to your fans.

In addition to this, you can also get local businesses to sponsor you for different gift cards or discount cards in exchange for their logos on these cards. You can print multiple cards, such as gift cards, restaurant discount cards, dinner and movie cards, and shopping discount cards.

Your team can be on top of these cards, and you can offer amazing discounts to entice more people into buying these cards. It will not only promote your team across the entire region but will also help you gather a sufficient amount of funds for your team.

Coffee Bags

19. Coffee Bags

If there is anything that people love as much as their favorite sports teams, it is a fresh and robust cup of joe in the morning to wake them up. People loved their cup of coffee, and this is something that you can use for your fundraising requirements. You can earn up to 45% profit with customized coffee bags and beans for your fans.

You can contact any local manufacturing company to help design bags with your team logo on top. You can also buy good coffee beans according to your budget from different suppliers. All you have to do is package these coffee beans in your customized coffee fundraising bags and showcase them on your website under club merchandise.

You can also share small samples with your audiences in the stadium. This will allow the fans to enjoy the taste of your customized coffee before they actually purchase the entire bag. You can also customize the flavors and name them after your team members. It will add a sense of excitement to your coffee flavors.

Other Ideas:

Here are just a few more unique fundraising events and ideas to take into consideration:

  • School fundraising – Get the whole school involved.
  • Church fundraising – Ask your local churches to partake.
  • Booster club fundraisers – Create a school booster club
  • Candy fundraisers – Get local candy stores to donate for the cause.
  • Cookie dough fundraising – Sell cookie dough door to door for money (My mom loves this one).
  • Earth candle fundraiser – Have the art class make “earth candles” to sell and raise money.
  • Gourmet Popcorn fundraising – Rent a popcorn machine and sell it at games.
  • Flower bulb fundraising – Sell some bulbs to local friends and families.
  • Online fundraising – Create a website and get remote funding.

Fundraising Websites

One of the best football fundraising ideas is actually to use a fundraising website for your team. You can set up a special page for your team and share the link with your fans. You can promise quality seats in exchange for donations.

If you cannot offer the front seats at the stadium, you can send them customized merchandise or thank you notes with their name on them. Fundraising websites are among the best ways to raise sufficient funds for your football club without investing a lot of money. These are also quick and trustworthy when it comes to financial management and keeping track of your donations.

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