Frequently Asked Questions

There are no upfront costs, no annual fees, and no contracts.

Hour-A-Thon deducts a small percentage fee from the total raised at the conclusion of the campaign. Our Fundraising Specalist will explain how this works when they contact you.

After the Hour-A-Thon Fundraiser has concluded, 2 business days later the funds will be received by your school or organization.

Each donor will receive a tax deductible receipt from Hour-A-Thon by email after donating. Please consult your tax professional on how to apply the deduction.

Anyone who donated to your team or group during the Hour-A-Thon Fundraiser you will receive a donation report at the end of the fundraiser with their information.

The cell phone numbers the participant use during the fundraiser are not put into any 3rd party site. The numbers are only entered into their own cell phone.

Hour-A-Thon uses T|SYS| to securely process credit and debit card donations. With over 27 Billion transactions processed by T|SYS| each year they are considered the largest and most trusted payment processor in the country. Hour-A-Thon is also SSL encrypted and does not store any credit card information.

Most families do not want to give away emails to a 3rd party. Emails are entered incorrectly a lot of the time. Emails catch spam filters and never reach the potentional donor. Emails aren’t checked immediately, or deleted, typically only 20 % of emails are opened. Emails go out over and over for weeks with typical crowdfunding website, turns off a lot of donors.

Hour-A-Thon accepts ALL major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Hour-A-Thon is able to give more of every donation to schools and organizations because of the generosity of the donors. The fees include many different costs such as credit card fees. The tips will continue to help us operate our full service fundraising program while helping schools and organizations raise much needed funds.