Baseball is one of the most popular sports in America. Baseball fundraisers can be very involving, but they don’t have to be a hassle. The wide variety of available fundraising ideas makes it easy to find something that works for your organization! We will go through a list of baseball fundraising ideas and help you choose the best option for your team. 

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1. Sell team merchandise online

Selling items like t-shirts, mugs, and posters online is simple and a surefire way to make your team’s money. You take pictures, choose shirts and colors, and set the price. If you are ambitious enough, you can create your designs and sell them online.

2. Award plaques

This is an excellent option to get the kids involved in your fundraising. You use a baseball theme on your award and then sell them to students, teachers, and parents around the school. This simple way to make extra money will not tax your time or effort.

3. Host an annual auction

Auctions are a great way to make a lot of money and are straightforward. You need to advertise your event, and then people will come out and bid on items like signed memorabilia, sports equipment, or even giveaways. The only problem with auctions is that you must wait until the right time of year, which is usually late summer or early fall.

4. Host a baseball themed party

Parties are a great fundraising option because they combine the fun aspect with the fundraising aspect. You can hold your party any time of year, and it doesn’t take much effort aside from hosting it. All you have to do is ensure you have enough food, drinks, and entertainment. Trust us; kids love baseball-themed parties!

Game concessions

5. Sell concessions at a game

If your school or youth group has a baseball team, one of the best fundraising options is to set up a game day with your concessions stand. You can sell everything from popcorn and soda to hot dogs, hamburgers, and nachos. This is much easier than it sounds because your school or organization will most likely be hosting the event!

6. Hold raffle

We can make this kind of fundraiser so easy for you. All you do is open an account with us and then go around your community or school asking people to donate money to your raffle. You will have 14 tickets, so your potential fundraising is $14. Pretty simple right?

7. Run a golf tournament

Golfing does not have to be complicated or tedious. It is one of the best ways to raise money for a baseball team or organization. The trick is finding golf courses that will allow you to reserve space for larger groups. The larger space, in turn, will give your group more room to sell concessions and other kinds of fundraising items!

8. Host a bowling tournament

Bowling tournaments are great because they can be casual, but they can still raise a lot of money for your program or club. You can set up a tournament with your friends, classmates, or other members of your organization to sell tickets.


9. Host a dodge ball tournament

Dodge ball is the perfect activity for youth groups or schools because it is great exercise and not too hard to set up. You can host a dodge ball tournament by setting up teams in an open area, selling tickets, and selling concessions. This simple fundraising idea will surely be one of the most fun!

10. Hold a bake sale

Have you ever seen a school or youth group that loves baking? We all have! This is a great fundraising idea because you can sell all kinds of sweet treats for your organization. You can sell cookies, cupcakes in boxes, brownies, and more!

11. Host a booth at an event or fair

This one is super simple and allows you to educate the people in your community about what you are doing with your team and making money! It would help if you found events that are already happening like parades, fairs, festivals, and health expos. You can set up a booth or table to sell all fundraising items to people going through the event.

Car Wash

12. Hold a car wash

Car washing is a great way to raise money, and it’s because every community has at least one car wash. This can be an enjoyable event for kids who attend your day camp or school camp. You find someone who will give you access to their car wash, and then you charge them a small fee for the service!

13. Host an ice cream social

Everyone loves ice cream! This is a straightforward fundraising idea that will surely be a success. All you do is sell tickets as an entry fee and then sell as much ice cream and other treats as possible.

14. Invite a guest speaker

You have to be careful with this fundraising idea because it can cost more than you are willing to spend. However, if you find someone willing to speak for free, then this fundraiser is perfect! Engaging an inspirational speaker will help your members and participants get involved with your mission.

15. Offer field trips and activities

This fundraising idea is always fun because it keeps the kids happy. You can host a small activity for your group and then ask the families that come to participate also to donate money so the camp can continue. Depending on how many children you have participating in your program, it will cost you about $50 for each family.

16. Hold a yard sale

Yard sales are a fun way to raise money because it brings a community together. A yard sale is just an event where people get together and sell their unwanted items. You can have friends and members of your organization sell their belongings and the items donated by your families.

Car Wash

17. Have a car wash

Just like a yard sale, a car wash is an event where people get together and sell their unwanted items. You can have friends and members of your organization sell their belongings and the items donated by your families.

18. Get sponsors

This kind of fundraiser is best for big leagues and organizations because they have logos and other kinds of marketing materials available to them. However, even if you are a smaller group, you can still sponsor events in your area like 5k runs or community activities.

19.Hit-A-Thon fundraiser

This fundraising idea is probably one of the more fun because it allows your participants to get involved. All you have to do is find someone who will donate money for every hit your players make during a baseball game. You can also find people who will donate per run, the ball hit out or even a mixture of both!

20. Kid’s summer camp fundraiser

This fundraising idea is perfect for parents or leaders looking for a significant change in scenery from the same old fair or carnival. You can hold your camp this summer, and you can ask parents to come in and help lead activities for younger children. You can ask for a small donation from each family that attends the event.

Outdoor Movie Nights

21. Movie night fundraiser

This is an excellent opportunity for your players to have fun with their parents and get them involved with the fundraiser. You can organize this event by asking families to donate money, so everyone gets a chance to see a movie together. The money goes towards whatever movie you all decide on, and you can even have them donate money to bring snacks!

22. Heads or Tails games

This is a simple fundraiser idea because it can be done with just two people! You and your partner will pick a card, and then you will draw that partner’s name. Then you make a rule like one person has to say heads, and the other has to say tails. Using statistics, you can make money while having fun with your group!

23. Mystery box fundraiser

This is a super fun fundraiser idea because you can simultaneously have fun while raising money! You find a couple of people that can share an interest with your team to do this fundraiser together. You will have to set a goal with your group beforehand, so you all know what you are shooting for.

24.Geocaching fundraiser

Geocaching is an enjoyable way to get outside and raise money simultaneously! Finding someone willing to host an event for your team and charge admission would be best. You can also use this idea in conjunction with another fundraising idea by selling food or other items at the event.

25. Pet parade fundraiser

This is a great fundraiser idea for larger groups because it is cheaper than other fundraising ideas. You have to find someone who will donate supplies for your pet parade. You can charge $20 or so for each pet and then sell some of the items from the event if you make more than your expected amount.

26. Bring a wagon or cart to get picked up from school

This is a great idea if you have kids that go to school with your team. You can ask for a small donation from the parents of each student that gets picked up so you can continue to provide your services for free!

27. Find a sponsor

This is a great fundraising idea because it is very versatile and adaptable. You find someone to donate money to your cause in exchange for your services. For example, you can host a basketball camp and ask the business owner if they would like to be the basketball sponsor of your event. Then they will donate money to you in exchange for having their name on all the marketing materials.

28. Silent auction fundraiser

This is an excellent idea if you are looking for a way to get your community involved with your mission. You find a venue and ask people willing to donate items for the silent auction. You can also charge admission and get money from selling food at the event.


29. Food & Drink fundraiser

This is a fun way to raise money because you get to raise money in a social setting. You can organize a big picnic or something like that so people can come and donate money while they eat and enjoy the activities you have planned for them. You can also make an evening out of it by charging admission and serving food and drinks at the event.

30. Softball tournament fundraiser

This is a great fundraising idea if your league has a competitive softball team. You find someone who will donate money in exchange for having their name on the wall of all the winning players. Then you can have a lot of fun playing softball while raising money for your organization simultaneously!

31. Dress as characters from a book

This is a fun fundraiser idea because you can dress up and portray characters you love. You find someone with some sewing ability and ask them to make costumes for your group while they are all at school. Then when they get home, you can utilize their costumes in the role play aspect of your fundraiser by having them act out different parts in the story.

32. Bouncy Castle fundraiser

This fundraiser idea is excellent for any charity because it’s an activity that everyone enjoys! You find a space big enough to hold a bouncy castle and then charge admission to your event. You can make all the money you need by charging admission and selling snacks!

33. Photography fundraiser

There are a lot of photographers out there who will donate their time for your fundraiser if you ask them nicely. You find someone with some photography experience and then send them to different businesses and people in the community to take pictures of them. Then contact all those people that you took pictures of, asking for a small donation in return for their photo being taken.

34. Recycling fundraiser

Since recycling is so prevalent in the community, you can easily organize this fundraiser activity. You just set up a challenge like a car wash or something like that and ask people to get their vehicle washed for free if they bring in any recycling materials. You will make a lot of money charging for the car wash, and then you can raise money selling recycled products too!

35. Make a Song and dance

This fundraiser idea is excellent because it provides an event that your participants will want to come back to again and again! You find someone with some talent in the song and dance area and then ask them if they would be willing to set up a fundraiser for your organization. Then you can charge admission for people’s participation in the song and dance or for watching the performance!

36. Birthday parties

This is a great fundraiser idea because it provides a place for everyone to get together and have a good time. You can even make money by charging admission! You find some local businesses that you can use to donate items or food for the party and then charge other people to come in and take part in the fun!

Skateboard Park

37. Skateboard park fundraiser

This is a great way to raise money because it requires minimal effort from you. All you have to do is find someone to donate money in exchange for the donations people give you for using their skateboard park. Then all you have to do is get a permit and open your skateboard park up to the public!

38. Art show fundraiser

This is a great fundraising idea if you are near any art schools or universities. You find an artist who will donate their time and then ask them to create an art show they can put on. Then you can raise funds by helping them sell their paintings and other art pieces!

39. Famous baseball players autographs

This is a fun and unique way to raise money for your organization. You find some baseball cards of famous players and contact them to see if they will be willing to sign the cards for you. Then you can sell those cards for a premium price since you are getting the signature of someone famous on them!

40. Spring training

This is a great fundraiser idea because it’s something that everyone will enjoy. You find out when the baseball teams are training for spring and organize a neighborhood fundraiser at a nearby park. You can make money by allowing kids to play baseball and kite flying at the event!

41. Use lottery donations

This is a great way to raise money because lottery donations are so popular. You just set up a charitable lottery that you will be drafting from, and then you advertise it and try to get people to purchase tickets for it. Then everyone puts their ticket in the same basket you are drawing from and then draws out a winner!


In conclusion, these 41 fundraising ideas for non-profits will generate plenty of cash for your organization. You have to find the ones that fit your particular cause, and then you can kick start a campaign that will enable your team to join hands and make a difference! Hour-A-Thon is here to help!

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