The idea of Hour-A-Thon came from a combined effort of fundraising professionals that have seen an uprising in crowdfunding. They realized the fundraising industry was changing. Having their background in selling of fundraising products, they know success comes from effort and accountability. It is very hard for people to tell a kid no when they have given their time and effort to raise money for their group. There are many people out there that would like to support the groups and donate. The Hour-A-Thon was created for efficiency and quickness.

Having run thousands of fundraisers, our Hour-A-Thon fundraising professionals know the importance of the process being seamless, efficient and user friendly. Each step was developed with substantial knowledge of all moving parts, different scenarios, and hurdles that may arise while running the fundraiser. Hour-A-Thon was designed and built by implementing technology with real teams and organizations in real time as it was developed. This allowed for Hour-A-Thon to discover and design every detail inside the technology and process to be most efficient and user friendly. This process is innovative but in line with the current ways donors are supporting their teams and organizations.