• Seamless fundraising tech
    Built like the fastest race cars, stripped of all but the essentials.
  • Your funds, lightning fast
    Zero friction and the funds you raise in two days
  • High impact fundraising
    Motivation multiplied by excitement and divided by time.
  • Focused performance
    Raise money as a team through text message and calling.

Made for high school and college athletics.

More money in less time with maximum results. How? By matching the power of an athlete’s competitive nature with frictionless technology.

Fun. Easy. Everybody should do it.

– What players and coaches are saying.

Built by competitors, for competitors.

Hour-A-Thon sets the pace for competitive fundraising at high schools and colleges across the country.

Where’s your money, Coach?

Chances are, your rivals are already using
Hour-A-Thon platform to raise money for their teams.


Erskine College Athletics
1,543 Donors
Avg Donation $80
430 Athletes


Trabuco Hills HS Football
740 Donors
Avg Donation $92
150 Players


Florida Kraze Krush Club Soccer
2,577 Donors
Avg. Donation $60
525 Players

How much can my
team raise?

Football in Texas is a different beast than volleyball in Washington. We have the tools to estimate the fundraising potential in your community.

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